Coming to the end of Phase 1, I found myself falling further and further behind. Being a stay at home dad, I thought I could make some adjustments and schedule changes to accommodate the new work load. Unfortunately, with homeschooling two kids, looking after the new baby, and everything that comes with feeding and cleaning up after a family of five, finding quiet time to work on projects and study has been difficult. That being said, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. While some chores and responsibilities and fallen by the wayside, my family has stepped…

This week I begin my journey through the Flatiron boot-camp. I’ll be working through the part time curriculum as it fits better with my children’s schedule. I have always had some skill with computers and I’m excited to broaden my skill set and start a career in this field. My blogs will be more code based and not about my experience, but I may link one for that side at a later date.

Kory Pacheco

Husband, Dad, writer, coder

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